The Cocoa Board of PNG signed an agreement between the Growers Association in Kokopo in a significant ceremony last week Friday. The agreement is for PNG Growers Association to carry out cocoa extension work in East New Britain Province. Particular to the farmers who were under the ceased PPAP cocoa program.

This agreement will expire on the 10th of June 2023 and will make use of the association’s service, expertise and network to deliver much needs activities like block survey of cocoa farms, training and awareness, fermentary inspections, monitoring and equipment, cocoa market aggregation, freight subsidy, farm plan budgeting and small business management for cocoa farms, financial literacy and inclusion and other cross cutting issues like hygiene and cross-cutting issues like health, equality and youth empowerment. This is the first of its kind where Cocoa Board made agreement with a service provider where the Board normally makes agreements with District Development Authorities. Cocoa Board’s acting Chief executive officer, Mr. Anthony Vigil described the partnership to be an exciting program because its success has the potential to be replicated throughout the country and have other stakeholders involved as well