New Ireland Farmer wins PNG’s Cocoa of Excellence award

Papua New Guinea’s Cocoa of Excellence award 2021 was finally celebrated at the Dickson Oval in Kundiawa, Simbu Province on the 21st and 22nd of April 2022. The top 10 Cocoa fine flavour in the country was on display along with its farmer who came in from Morobe, Madang, East Sepik, East New Britain, New Ireland, and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

Overall, Winner of the 2021 PNG’s Cocoa of Excellence Award competition Gold award went to a female Farmer from New Ireland Province. Gold Award winner, Mrs Elvee Saesare from Malakat village, Murat LLG, in Kavieng got her award from the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Hon Mr John Simon. The Silver medal award was won by Mr Lesley Dadog of Balama, South Ambenob, Madang Province.

The other 7 top cocoa farmer with their samples shortlist after the 2021 Cocoa sensory evaluation test were

  • Albert Epineri of Pangeifua of Tikana, New Ireland Province
  • Esther Pua of Bitarebarebe, Kokopo, East New Britain Province
  • Jerry Zemengke of Babuaf, Wampar, Morobe Province
  • Seth Mal of Wafe-en hamlet, Ambenob, Madang Province
  • Cephas Wohuiene of Marienge, Yangoru, East Sepik Province
  • Raphael Komare of Matakrus, Tinputz, Autonomous Region of Bougainville
  • Salome Jonah of Ngaruwain, Onga Wafa, Morobe Province.

The top 10 winners were identified after the Cocoa Board of Papua New Guinea ran a Cocoa sampling survey nationwide in June 2021. Over 200 cocoa samples were collected from all Cocoa growing province including the new growth areas in Simbu, Jiwaka, Eastern Highlands and provinces in the Southern Region.

The 2021 Cocoa of Excellence Awards was held on Thursday and Friday last week at the Simbu Highlands Cocoa Festivals theme “The New Frontier”. The theme showcases the cocoa expansion thru new planting development into the highlands, Momase and Southern Region areas. Over five thousand people around the country attended the event and ten thousand visited the stalls and display in the two day event

Left to Right. Hon Wera Mori, Hon Michael Dua, Hon John Simon, Winner of the 2022 Cocoa of Excellence Award Mrs Elvee Saesare and Husband. Mr Hon. William Gogl Onglo, posing after the ceremony in Kundiawa


The Cocoa Board of PNG signed an agreement between the Growers Association in Kokopo in a significant ceremony last week Friday. The agreement is for PNG Growers Association to carry out cocoa extension work in East New Britain Province. Particular to the farmers who were under the ceased PPAP cocoa program.

This agreement will expire on the 10th of June 2023 and will make use of the association’s service, expertise and network to deliver much needs activities like block survey of cocoa farms, training and awareness, fermentary inspections, monitoring and equipment, cocoa market aggregation, freight subsidy, farm plan budgeting and small business management for cocoa farms, financial literacy and inclusion and other cross cutting issues like hygiene and cross-cutting issues like health, equality and youth empowerment. This is the first of its kind where Cocoa Board made agreement with a service provider where the Board normally makes agreements with District Development Authorities. Cocoa Board’s acting Chief executive officer, Mr. Anthony Vigil described the partnership to be an exciting program because its success has the potential to be replicated throughout the country and have other stakeholders involved as well