Project Partners

The Cocoa Component of the PPAP is executed by the Government of PNG through the National Department of Agriculture and Livestock and the Cocoa Board of PNG with funding from the World BankInternational Development AssociationInternational Fund for Agricultural Development and the European Commission.  Cocoa Component funding to-date is over $55 million.

The Cocoa Project Management Unit (PMU) is governed by an Industry Coordination Committee (ICC) comprised of experienced representatives from the cocoa industry, including:

  • Processors, traders and exporters
  • Key service providers
  • Growers associations
  • Provincial government agencies

Our lead partners for Objective 3 are introduced below.  More information is displayed in the sidebar.

Department of Works

Map of PNG’s road network

The Department of Works (DOW) is the PNG Government’s implementing agency for infrastructure in the country.  It is also the biggest organization in PNG, having an office in every province. The DoW aims to provide and maintain an adequate and safe priority road network in consultation with stakeholders to facilitate national development and enhance the standard of living. The DOW is currently responsible for maintaining approximately 8,738.46 kms of roads throughout the country. Of this total, 5,755.20km are graveled, 2,779.48km are sealed and the remaining 523km are unsealed and sometimes inaccessible.

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