Project Partners

The Cocoa Component of the PPAP is executed by the Government of PNG through the National Department of Agriculture and Livestock and the Cocoa Board of PNG with funding from the World BankInternational Development AssociationInternational Fund for Agricultural Development and the European Commission.  Cocoa Component funding to-date is over $55 million.

The Cocoa Project Management Unit (PMU) is governed by an Industry Coordination Committee (ICC) comprised of experienced representatives from the cocoa industry, including:

  • Processors, traders and exporters
  • Key service providers
  • Growers associations
  • Provincial government agencies

Our productive partners for Objective 2 are introduced below.  More information is displayed in the sidebar.

Farmer Groups

The PPAP has developed a model approach that enables farmer groups to engage productively with the public and private sectors.

  • Agi Agro Cooperative
  • Agmark Productive Farmer Group
  • Baining Cooperative Society
  • Buin Farmers Association
  • ENB Cocoa Cooperative Association
  • Konnou Farmers Association
  • Kereba Extended Farmer Group
  • Korobaka Farmer Group
  • Kwanga Farmer Group
  • Lassul Baining Farmer Group
  • Maltaria Business Group
  • Maprik Farmer Group
  • Maprik Inland Farmer Group
  • Niga Cooperative Society
  • Nuku Farmer Group
  • Tagitagi Cooperative
  • Tinputz Community Agri Services
  • Torokina Farmers Association
  • Transgogol Farmer Group
  • Trans Wosera Farmer Group
  • Warangoi Cooperative
  • Women and Youth Cooperative
  • Yangoru Farmer Group


The PPAP collaborates with the Cocoa & Coconut Institute to supply the latest hybrid clones developed for high yield, good bean quality, and some resistance to pests and diseases

  • Cocoa & Coconut Institute Limited
  • Department of Agriculture and Livestock
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of National Planning and Monitoring
  • Department of Treasury
  • Kairak Vudal Resource Training Centre, University of Natural Resources and Environment
  • National Agricultural Research Institute

Civil Society

The PPAP collaborates with civil society agencies to tackle cross-cutting issues at the community level such as financial literacy, health awareness and support services.

  • Anglican Church of PNG
  • CARE International
  • Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion
  • FOWIAD Cooperative Society
  • Mustard Seed Global
  • Organisation for Industrial Spiritual and Cultural Advancement
  • PNG Growers Association
  • Red Cross PNG
  • World Vision PNG.

Private Sector

The PPAP has developed a model approach that supports productive partnerships between smallholder farmers, farmer groups and the private sector

  • Bank South Pacific
  • ENB Development Corporation
  • ENB Port Services
  • Monpi Sustainable Service
  • Monpi Cocoa Exports
  • NGIP-Agmark
  • Outspan PNG
  • Temna Limited
  • Waiyu Limited.

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