Project Activities

Objective 3 of the Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP) has been designed to improve market access through the provision of critical infrastructure; increasing farm-gate prices, product quality and market opportunities for smallholder farmers in the project’s target areas.

The PPAP has developed a model approach that facilitates the realisation of the 3 project objectives. Our partners for Objective 3 are undertaking 2 step-by-step activities:

  • Preparation of market access infrastructure investments
  • Development of market access infrastructure

The step-by-step activities for Objective 3 are described below.  More information is displayed in the sidebar.

Preparation of market access infrastructure investments

The PPAP carefully selects and prioritises its market access investments within the partnership areas.

The selection and prioritisation of investments in market access infrastructure are undertaken within the scope of productive partnerships identified under Component 2. The preparation of each specific investment involves identification, screening, assessment and ranking of all candidate routes/links that provide access to and from the targeted communities. The following steps are undertaken during the preparation process:

  • Identification and scoping of all infrastructure that provides market access within the target area of the partnership, and selection of discrete sections for consideration as sub-projects;
  • Screening the sub-projects to eliminate those that do not meet the project eligibility criteria;
  • Ranking of the individual sub-projects based on a rigorous comparative socio-economic cost/benefit analysis;
  • Maintenance sustainability assessment of top-ranked sub-projects;
  • Approval of a recommendation to implement the top-ranked sub-project.

Development of market access infrastructure

The PPAP uses a step-by-step approach to ensure the approved market access infrastructure is well constructed and maintained.

The implementation of approved market access sub-projects is undertaken in 3 separate, repeated stages:

  • The pre-construction stage involves site investigation and consultations leading to detailed design of rehabilitation works, preparation of tender invitation documents, bidding and evaluation process, and award of works contracts;
  • The construction stage involves construction of the infrastructure;
  • The operation and maintenance stage involves the introduction of a sustainable maintenance regime for completed sub-projects.

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