Market Access Infrastructure

The specific objective of this component would be to improve smallholder market access in targeted areas under the project. Lack of market access is directly correlated with high levels of poverty in the project areas. Deteriorated market access infrastructure significantly reduces farm-gate prices, when it does not result in significant product losses, poor product quality, or total lack of market opportunities.

Deteriorated transport infrastructure is also associated with higher levels of law and order issues and directly affects linkages between smallholders and the private sector.

Specific investments in infrastructure under Component 3 will only be identified following the selection of individual Component 2 project activities. Once the scope of a Component 2 investment is established, the potential transport infrastructure interventions that will directly impact on the market access of the target beneficiary smallholder communities can be identified and undergo a rigorous selection process for prioritization for funding under PPAP.

Project interventions under Component 3 will thus follow a 2-stage process: preparation and implementation, as follows:

  • Sub-Component A: Preparation of market access infrastructure investments

This preparation process for each Component 3 specific investment will involve identification, screening, assessment and ranking of all candidate routes/ links that provide access to and from the targeted communities. The process will be led by the PMU Transport Planner/Senior Engineer and is described in detail in Section 3 of the PIM (Component 3 Implementation Manual).

  • Sub-Component B: Market access infrastructure development

This implementation process for Component 3 investments is set out in detail in the Implementation Manual and comprises the following activities:

The Implementation of the Market Access Infrastructure Component is being done using the Component 3 – Project Implementation Manual and is led by the Senior Engineer (SE) and the Community Liaison and Lands Officer (CLLO) within the PMU who report to the Project Manager.

Resources (PDF Link provided)

PPAP Draft PIM Section 1

  1. Detailed design and preparation of suitable bid and contract documentation (i.e. small works, labor-based methods and/or community based works where appropriate), of the rehabilitation works;

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