Our Achievements

Objective 1 of the Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP) intends to strengthen institutional performance and industry coordination; working with existing stakeholder platforms to address issues such as good governance, skills development, extension services, information exchange, market development and crop diversification.

The PPAP has developed a model approach that facilitates the realisation of the 3 project objectives. Our partners for objective 1 are undertaking 4 different activities:

  • Industry coordination and policy development
  • Communication and information management systems
  • Quality and sustainability management
  • Project management and monitoring and evaluation

Our main achievements for objective 1 are summarised below.  More information is displayed in the sidebar.

Industry coordination and policy development

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The Industry Coordination Committee (ICC), which governs the PPAP, has met 22 times to consider Project Management Unit (PMU) progress, and provide technical support and policy recommendations to the Cocoa Board of PNG. The wide representation of capable stakeholders on the ICC has contributed significantly to PPAP’s high performance and good governance to-date.

The ICC has also overseen the following high priority activities:

  • Review of the Cocoa Board Financial Management (completed);
  • Revision of the Cocoa Act and Standards, Licensing and Regulations (underway);
  • Preparation of Cocoa Industry Strategic Plan (completed);
  • Preparation of Cocoa Company Business Plan (underway).

Communication and information management systems

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The Cocoa Board of PNG is collaborating with the National Department of Agriculture & Livestock and the Cocoa & Coconut Institute Limited to improve transparency in the cocoa sector through the production and dissemination of technical and market information to stakeholders.

Our achievements to date include the preparation of:

  • Cocoa Board newsletter and market briefs;
  • Cocoa extension manual and farmer handbook;
  • Radio drama series and training/awareness videos;
  • Agricultural shows and festivals.

The Cocoa Board of PNG has also embarked on a marketing drive to promote cocoa quality through the staging of the first ever Cocoa of Excellence show in Kokopo, East New Britain Province. The show was an important part of the “flagship program of the Cocoa Board of PNG on promoting cocoa quality”. The Cocoa of Excellence show is now a significant bi-annual event on the Cocoa Board calendar and an integral part of the PNG Cocoa Industry. This year (2019) the Cocoa of Excellence Show will be held in Lae, Morobe Province. This show will prepare cocoa growers for PNG’s entry to the International Cocoa of Excellence competition which is held bi-annually in France.

Quality and sustainability management

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The Cocoa Board of PNG is collaborating with industry partners to strengthen quality in the cocoa industry and support the adoption of best farming practices.

Our achievements to date include:

  • Strengthened capacity of the Cocoa Board to carry out annual cocoa fermentary inspections and certification;
  • Strengthened capacity of lead farmers and extension officers to deliver awareness, training and monitoring services to their respective communities;
  • Training of fermentary owners by Cocoa Board;
  • Certification of nurseries and budwood gardens by Cocoa Board;
  • Support to the Cocoa and Coconut Institute including renovation of Tavilo cocoa nursery

Project management and monitoring and evaluation

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The Project Management Unit (PMU) is responsible for overall project management and performance in the cocoa-producing areas.

Annual disbursements have progressively increased over the 8-year project duration. The considerable increase in disbursement from 2017 is a consequence of 18 new partnerships commencing in Call 3 and Up-scaling, as well as the 10 road rehabilitations in East New Britain Province and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. This trend is expected to continue as partnerships complete their activities and the new road rehabilitations in the Momase Region and a new bridge construction in East New Britain Province are completed.

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