Our Achievements

Objective 2 of the Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP) intends to foster the integration of a greater number of smallholder producers in performing and remunerative value-chains, by developing and implementing public private alliances that provide smallholder farmers with knowledge in cocoa management, as well as access to markets and services that secure higher prices for their produce.

The PPAP has developed a model approach that facilitates the realisation of the 3 project objectives. Our partners for objective 2 are building productive partnerships in the cocoa producing provinces, through a competitive grants scheme.

There have been 3 Calls for Proposals:

  • Call 1 commenced in the Islands Region in January 2012
  • Call 2 commenced in the Islands Region in September 2012
  • Call 3 commenced in the Momase Region in August 2014
  • Up-scaling Calls 1 and 2 commenced in the Islands Region in November 2015

Some achievements for objective 2 are summarised below.  More information is displayed in the sidebar.

Improved farming practices

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The PPAP has developed a farmer training programme that has delivered 982 trainings to 58,409 farmers (25% females) and distributed 19,763 tool kits.  8,036 farms are now adopting improved farming practices.

The training program involves:

  • Lead farmers – each lead farmer is responsible for clusters of 25 smallholder farmers;
  • Extension officers – each extension officer is responsible for 10 clusters of smallholder farmers (250 farmers);
  • Training-of-trainers – lead farmers and extension officers are trained to deliver training, awareness and monitoring services to their respective communities (including best practice cocoa management, safe pesticide usage, sustainable livelihoods (farming as a business), basic record & book keeping, and financial literacy.
  • Cross cutting issues – Bank South Pacific provides additional training services in financial literacy, and Red Cross & Mustard Seed Global provide health awareness and support services to the PPAP communities.

Quick and increasing returns

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A recent study showed that PPAP farmers were receiving above average returns from their CPB tolerant and high yield varieties of cocoa.  Over 85 percent of these farmers were demonstrating good management practice in their cocoa blocks.

As their cocoa trees matured, there was a corresponding increase in production and income levels.  Average cocoa productivity of 4-year old clonal cocoa is 1,600 kg. dry bean per hectare. Some farmers are exceeding 3,000 kg. per hectare. This is a huge improvement on the national average of just 300 kg. per hectare.

Furthermore, these farmers were getting quicker than usual returns for their labour.  For example, in the Islands Region 1-year old cocoa were generating as much as K15,000 annually, whilst cocoa at four years old were generating over K1 million kina (based on average 2016 wet bean and dry bean prices compiled by Cocoa Board).  Most of the cocoa were sold as dry beans to exporter partners.

Achievement 3

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Achievement 4

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