Industry Affairs

The Industry and Corporate Services Division comprises of the Economics and Statistics, Human Resource & Administration and Finance Sections. The Division is based in Kokopo with total staff strength of sixteen (16) permanent officers including fifteen (15) casual security guards.

Basic roles of the division.

1. To provide logistical and administrative support to the Board so as to enable the Board to effectively carry out its functions under the Cocoa Act (Chpt. No. 388 and enhance service delivery to the stockholders and stakeholders of the cocoa industry.

2. To undertake relevant economic research and analysis on issues affecting the industry including providing crucial market intelligence report to stakeholders to promote a viable and sustainable industry.

Divisions Objectives

1. Provide sound policy advice through analyzed statistical information and disseminate market information to all stakeholders in the industry.

2. To provide necessary financial and administrative support to the Board and the management in realizing its primary and secondary objectives.

The Division is headed by Mr. Tony Vigil – Acting ICS Executive Manager and his three (3) sectional managers.

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