Cocoa of Excellence Show ‘2019

Cocoa Board over the past years has embarked on a drive to promote cocoa quality through marketing in a big way. In 2017 this marketing drive was fulfilled through the staging of the first ever Cocoa of  Excellence show in Kokopo, East New Britain Province. The show was an important part of the ‘flagship program of the Cocoa Board of PNG on promoting cocoa quality’ in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Hosting a competition for cocoa best practices as in the case of the Domestic Cocoa of Excellence (COEx) Show is an  obligation of PNG as a member state of the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO). Such a show and competition encourages and promotes engagement of cocoa farmers and stakeholder’s along the cocoa value chain to be engaged in only the best practices.

The show is a biannual ‘significant event’ on the Cocoa Board calendar in PNG. It is an integral part of the PNG Cocoa Industry. This year (2019) the Cocoa of Excellence Show will be held in Lae, Morobe Province. This show is in preparations for entry of PNG’s best cocoa bean into the International Cocoa of Excellence competition which is held biannually in France.

PNGs participation in the International Cocoa of Excellence is obligatory. It marks PNG as a quality cocoa producing country, a country of reputation and respect. Quality cocoa is PNGs strength and has to be promoted internationally where PNG cocoa is been produced, consumed and appreciated. The Domestic Cocoa of Excellence show which will be hosted by the Cocoa Board of PNG in Lae with development partners, stakeholders and  stockholders is a lead up and a preparation show for the upcoming International show which normally is staged during the later part of the year around October.

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