Cocoa of Excellence Show 2017′ – “Cocoa Warwagira: Improving Cocoa Quality”

The Cocoa Board of PNG will be hosting a National Cocoa of Excellence Show in East New Britain next year from Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th March 2017. The Cocoa show theme is ‘Improving Cocoa Quality’.

PNG as a member of the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) is obligated to host such a show to promote its cocoa product. It is intended to assess and judge followed by rewards and awards to producers, processors and others along the cocoa value chain to showcase their products. Winning awards will be selected to be entered into the international competition for the best cocoa at the ICOEx show in Paris, France.

The International Cocoa of Excellence (ICOEx) is held bi-annually in Paris, France. Internationally accepted best practices will be rewarded and awarded certificates of excellence, placing the winner and the country on the world stage of Cocoa Quality excellence. In 2016, PNG Cocoa from the Lower Watut rated one of the 5 best cocoa beans of the Worlds’ cocoa producing countries. Such has undoubtedly elevated the status of PNG cocoa and the Inaugural show seeks to enhance this status and the opportunity to promote PNG Quality Cocoa.

This International Cocoa Show called Salon du Chocolat commenced in Paris, France in 2009. It is being held every year. There are also similar shows held in other parts of the world in New York, Shanghai, Japan, Zurich, Madrid & Italy.

So far, the Cocoa Board of PNG has participated in three (3) shows (2010, 2011 and 2015). All winning awards of excellence.

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