About PPAP

The PPAP’s primary aim is to improve the livelihoods of smallholder cocoa and coffee producers through the enhanced performance and sustainability of value chains. This will be achieved through the implementation of three main project components which are designed to:

  • Facilitate linkages between smallholder farmers and agribusiness, through productive partnerships, for the provision of market access, technologies, and services;
  • Strengthen industry coordination and institutions; and
  • Provide critical infrastructure for market access.

The project will strengthen quality promotion in the cocoa industries and promote, where appropriate, the adoption of certified sustainability practices (such as Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Utz or quality certification schemes).

Under the Productive Partnerships component, funding will be channeled through partnerships with legal entities in the private sector and civil society, which have already been engaged with smallholders to increase output, productivity, quality and sustainability and which are interested in scaling up those activities. In the cocoa sector, activities could include: support for Cocoa Pod Borer management, production of improved planting materials, and promotion of rotational planting. In the coffee sector, activities could include: adoption of sustainability practices, replanting and coffee garden rejuvenation programs, and training on good farming practices. Further, PPAP will also focus on identifying and financing important maintenance and upgrades to local infrastructure such as access roads and wharfs.

Specific consideration will be given to partnerships with smallholder farmers in less favored areas—as in cocoa-dependent areas affected by the Cocoa Pod Borer—and partnerships which mobilize vulnerable groups—such as women and young farmers. Community consultations will continue to take place throughout the duration of the project, including consultations on project activities within communities.

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